Philanthropic gestures towards the BFI secure our ability to continue our internationally-renowned work, and are a true vote of confidence in the future of British film. The Film Forever Club represents a unique opportunity to join a small an influential group of supporters who sit right at the heart of the BFI . It brings together like minded individuals and ensures that the BFI remains strong and can achieve its ambitions, even in times of uncertainty. Film Forever Club members are deeply engaged and invested in every aspect of our mission and together, they share remarkable filmic experiences and help us to ensure a bold, bright future for film. Joining enables you to tailor your support to aspects of our work that matter most to you. There are three areas to which you can direct your donation:

Save Film

As custodians of the BFI National Film Archive, the BFI houses the largest collection of British film in the world. Film, however, is fragile. It needs carefully maintained conditions in order to remain useable, and requires intensive, time-consuming work from our skilled archival team to restore it. By supporting Save Film, Film Forever Club members can secure our film heritage for generations to come.

Film For All

Everyone should have access to the widest possible choice of film. Our programming at BFI Southbank, in cinemas throughout the UK , and online is renowned around the world for its fearless, distinctive and creative edge. We support films and filmmakers from across the cinematic canon that would otherwise struggle to be heard, as well as the form’s biggest and most revered names. By supporting our cultural programme, Film Forever Club members help us leave an indelible mark upon the imagination of audiences, stretching their cinematic tastes and understanding of the world.

BFI Film Academy

Our world class education programmes shape the film culture of tomorrow by investing in the passion of young people today. Through workshops, masterclasses, festivals and online learning opportunities, we give aspiring young filmmakers the knowledge and skills to succeed in whatever area of filmmaking inspires them, and put them in contact with experienced and respected professionals from across the film industry. In an industry that is notoriously difficult to ‘crack’, we are working hard to ensure that opportunity is open to everyone and the only precondition for a successful career in film is passion. This is an area that many of our Film Forever Club members are committed to investing in.

The Film Forever Club’s philanthropic support places it at the centre of our work. In return for the crucial funding it provides, members are invited to share in the very best of the BFI .

For more information about the Film Forever Club and how you can and help the BFI develop and thrive, please contact Sarah Reuben, Deputy Head of Philanthropy: