In order to qualify for the UK ’s creative sector tax reliefs, all films, animation and television programmes or video games must be certified as British through the cultural test or qualify as an official co-production.

The unit offers advice on qualification under the cultural tests, the UK ’s bi-lateral co-production agreements and the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.

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Advance notice regarding technical upgrade to database system

We have started work on updating the cultural test and co-production application forms and our own database system for managing the certification applications across film, high-end television, animation television, children’s television and video games. We are undertaking this work to improve administrative processes and user experience. The current system will be running until Friday 17 March 2023, after which you will not be able to submit any further applications using this system. We will then be launching the new application forms on Monday 3 April 2023, which will be available via the same webpages. Applications will effectively not be able to be made for a two-week period. If you wish to submit an application before Monday 3 April 2023 or if you have a saved in-progress application within your account this needs to be completed by 11:59pm on Friday 17 March. We appreciate your support and patience during this switch, and we will keep you fully updated.

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